Most elections in the US are predetermined by the Cartel through institutionalized Distortions and Exclusions, implemented by variables design.

Distort who votes: voter suppression, gerrymandered districts, off-year and non-November elections, dark money astroturfing disinformation campaigns.

Ballot Access Suppression: Suppress who and what voters can vote for: candidate and party suppression, initiative suppression.

Distorted Representation: Single Member Districts, the US Senate.

Distortions through vote counting: All Majoritarian systems (First Past the Post aka plurality, Ranked Choice Voting, At Large Plurality - Block Voting), the Spoiler Effect, the Electoral College, Election Integrity Attacks.

The US isn't a Full Democracy. It's a "Flawed Democracy" managed by 2 Cartel Parties that collude to exclude all competition.

Concentration of Power

The more a system is designed to concentrate power, the more authoritarian it becomes.

The more power is concentrated, the more people are excluded from the decision making process.

Why do issues persist?

Entrenched powers use their power to entrench themselves further. 

- Joseph Stiglitz (paraphrase)

Entrenched power

Slavery's Influence on US Electoral Systems