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Target opinion leaders.

Successful advocacy and social marketing campaigns with limited budgets, often use communication strategies based on diffusion through opinion leaders, not through mass media. Social media has a limited reach. We can target a few key audiences, office holders, candidates for office, and leaders of organizations to spread these messages. Influencing leaders, innovators and early adopters is key to influencing larger constituencies.

Sample Letters

Target the Undecided

Most issues are decided by winning over the undecided. Often the percentage on one side of an issue is offset by a roughly equivalent percentage on the other. It is the undecided or conflicted percentage in the middle that determines the outcome.

Communicate values

Effective advocacy communication is predicated upon the strong, clear assertion of basic values, moral authority and leadership.

Define the Issue(s)

Many issues are poorly defined and misidentified. Until an issue is defined, it often does not exist. Correctly defining an issue is key to resolving the problem. For instance, what passes for pluralism in the districts you live in? Are there any stats that define pluralism?

Ask For Action

Ask for action at the end of your letter. Ask the recipient to do a particular task, support a bill, address a problem, take the Best Democracy Candidate Pledge, get back to you with a response.

Ask Questions

Candidate Pledge

Define Pluralism

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