Candidate Action

Candidate Education

Download Best Democracy's

Inclusive Democracy for the 99%.

Test market the ideas with friends for their response.

Pick from election reform issues a la carte to integrate into your platform

Know more than your competition about inclusive representation, and take the Candidate Pledge

Include Election Reform Events in your campaign

Home Rule Cities & Counties

Write the NY Times. Ask them to start considering Proportional Representation as a solution to replace the two headed Cartel.

NY Times Feedback page

Check out the discussion and news feed on Best Democracy on Facebook.

Citizen Action

Register to Vote, Register Others to Vote

Support Citizen Initiatives

Be Informed. Learn about Proportional Representation

Speak Out and Assert Yourself

Ask your representatives and candidates for office these 10 Questions

US: Ask your Congressional Rep to support H.R. 3863 (IH) - Fair Representation Act

Research Candidates, Ask About Candidate Election Reform Platform Positions

Organize a Local Election Reform Group,   Community Rights





Donate and Volunteer