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PARTICIPATE! - Do not sit on the sidelines—engage, post (on the Best Democracy FB page and wherever you're active on social media - JK), question, think out loud, and act — nothing changes if all we do is watch! We will reach our fullest potential when we all take action. - Marie Bigham

Pluralism is a political philosophy that affirms diversity of thought within a political body. Pluralism institutionalizes a system of governance fostering the peaceful coexistence of different interests, convictions, and lifestyles. Most United States citizens live in One Party Dominant districts with little to no choice in who governs us. One Party control is not a real democracy. Full democracies are pluralistic.

Proportional Representation systems are designed to represent and include everyone - a fully diverse cross section of the electorate, disperse concentrated power, hold individual elected officials and parties accountable, always reflect voter intent, facilitate compromise between parties, elect more women and minorities, and produce government bodies closer to the median of the public's views. Proportional Representation in Multi Member Districts destroys Gerrymandering and the Spoiler Effect.

Proportional Representation